Relations, Politics, Decisions

« Relations, Politics, Decisions » is my professional website.

  • « Relations » because it is my theoretical framework. I make the assumption that we can get a better understanding of the political world if we focus on the ties that link the States, the companies, the IOs and the NGOs : networks matter.
  • « Politics » because, as a political scientist, my main door to analyze the social reality is to highlight who gets the « power » and how she or he uses it, not only in the national field but in the international (mainly European) one.
  • « Decisions » because it is the « black box » that I aim to explain. How does the political process to decide (let’s say to govern) shape and by whom ? Why do the policy-makers take a decision (make a cooperation) rather than another one (launch a war) ?

In this blog, I will communicate on my research (publications and conferences) in English and in French, try to answer the questions of my students and advertise on scientific events. You can also find information about my scientific background, my academic positions, my publications, my teachings, my Master students’ research, my scientific communications and other academic activities.

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