Circulation of single market regulations within the Common Security and Defence Policy

I have published a new book chapter entitled “Circulation of single market regulations within the CSDP: The case of the ‘defense package’’’ in a book entitled Policy Transfer and Norm Circulation. Towards an Interdisciplinary and Comparative Approach co-edited by Laure Delcour and Elsa Tulmets Elsa (London, Routledge, p.85-107).

Book abstractPolicy Transfer and Norm Circulation brings together various fields in the humanities and social sciences to propose a renewed analysis of policy transfer and norm circulation, by offering cross-regional case studies and providing both a comprehensive and innovative understanding of policy transfer. The book introduces a constructive interdisciplinary dialogue and comparative approach, highlighting the partial and fragmented understanding of policy transfer and the questions and challenges in the study of policy transfer in three parts. Firstly, notions of transfer and circulation, including law, (political) economy, sociology and history; secondly, a focus on European studies and the transfer of norms, both within and outside the EU; and finally, an examination within a broader IR context. This text will be of key interest to scholars and students of European Union politics/studies, international relations, public policy, economics and law, as well as practitioners dealing with regional integration.

Chapter first lines – New approaches to public management, “best value for money”, market liberalization, budgetary constraints and so forth: until the 1970s, these market regulations played no part in the formulation and implementation of arms policy in Europe. At the national level, budget costs were a peripheral consideration (Genieys and Michel 2006) in an arms policy “through which a state made sure of its future ability to equip itself with arms” (Hoeffler 2013: 642). At the European level, states co-operated in order to produce the “best” possible equipment. Cutting production costs was a secondary goal  (DeVore and Weiss 2014). However, from the 1980s onwards, market regulations entered into European arms policy. For some, this drive towards liberalization produced different effects in different states (Joana and Mérand 2014; DeVore 2015); for others…

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