Visiting Researcher at King’s College London

Thanks to the department of European and International studies (and to Prof. Christoph Meyer support), I was a Visiting Research at King’s College London in the summer of 2018. It was useful to conduct my fieldwork on the British defence procurement policy and a pleasure to be in London. Let’s share with you part of this great British time!

Party time for my lunch by the Thames: it was the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the show in the air.

For this fieldwork, I conducted 18 interviews with decision-makers mainly in London, but not always in the same area of the city.

I also went to Filton Abbey Wood close to Bristol where the British defence procurement agency (DE&S) is located.

Last but not least, I conducted an interview during the International Air Show at Farnborough and saw, among others, the new British jetfighter called ‘Tempest’.

Then, I took a walk in the market… of armaments.


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